Real Estate

As Ontario real estate continues to flourish, property values are increasing and real estate investment becoming very important investment.  Individuals and other investors involved in business transactions need and deserve best advice from experienced lawyers.  We are committed to provide our clients quality, comprehensive and cost effective legal services.


At our law firm we provide comprehensive and complete residential and commercial real estate services to our clients all over Ontario.  At our law frim we represent clients from all walks of life including individuals, families, businesses, buyers and sellers involved in the transactions.


We have extensive experience in handling all kinds of real estate residential and commercial transactions.  We are located in Toronto and have flexible appointment hours and can be scheduled on weekends and we can help you  in the following services:


  • Residential and commercial purchase and sale closing transactions;
  • Refinance including 2nd , 3rd mortgages;
  • Title transfers from one title holder to another;
  • Residential and commercial leases and reviews.
  • Reviewing your purchase and sale agreements;
  • Condo closings
  • Condo purchase and sale agreement reviews
  • Independent legal advice;
  • Corresponding with other lawyer
  • Resolving any issues prior to closing;
  • Preparation for closing;
  • Title search
  • Explaining and reviewing mortgage commitment and disclosure documents;
  • Corresponding with your mortgagee.
  • Representation at closing;