Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

Transactions for commercial real estate purchases or sales are time-consuming, complex processes that require the help of a commercial real estate lawyer. The lawyer will protect you from specific problems that could arise including financial difficulties, title disputes, regulatory issues, multiple owner disputes, problems with rental properties and much more.

Our commercial real estate services include:

  • Selling and purchasing commercial properties
  • Joint ventures
  • Commercial financing for borrowers and lenders
  • Agreements for co-ownership
  • Commercial lease and leasing negotiations for landlords and tenants
  • Much more

Real Estate Lawyer Etobicoke

Selling or buying commercial real estate is a strategic business decision. For many businesses, buying commercial real estate assets may be the largest purchases ever made. As a commercial real estate lawyer I represent lenders and purchases in all types of real estate commercial transactions.

I will advise you of your legal obligations, liabilities and entitlements during the purchase or the sale of a property. We are available for dispute resolutions and litigation as it relates to the sale, purchase or ownership of real estate.

I also know how to prepare for the unexpected. When closing a commercial real estate deal, things can get very complex. I understand the types of complications that can arise and are fully prepared for them. As a seasoned commercial property lawyer I always do everything that’s in your best interests and our job is to protect the rights of our clients during every step of the process.

As a commercial real estate lawyer I will help you understand all of the documentation along with the rights and laws involved with the transaction. You will know what you are signing before putting pen to paper to ensure a successful real estate purchase or sale.

Put my extensive experience and professional approach to work for you to protect your rights. Make sure that you are fulfilling all of your obligations in the transaction process. I will take the time to understand the unique needs you have to help guide you through your next transaction. You can rely on my wide base of expertise and experience to provide the best risk management and legal advice possible. My goal is to ensure that you are positioned for success by helping you find the right solutions.

I am an experienced contract negotiator, client advisor and business strategist that knows what it takes to close a successful transaction. I will help you find the most cost-effective and practical solutions that will meet your objectives.
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