Family Law

The benefit of several years of experience at my law office is that I understand the concerns of families facing numerous obstacles while struggling with divorce and custody matters. That is why I care about quality and not the quantity of work, so my goal with every case I take is to provide excellent service to my clients.

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Divorce Lawyers: How Can They Help You?

Divorce can be a difficult time, with both emotional and legal problems. Many people who go through it find themselves vulnerable and make bad decisions. That is why it is so important to get a lawyer, as an advisor of the whole legal process. They will get to know all the causes for the divorce and the relationship between both parties, so they will be able to look for the best solution.

A divorce lawyer works towards the most favourable way for his client to divide the family estate. In some cases, each spouse may separate the property they brought into the marriage, while others may have accumulated assets separately according to an agreement. An attorney can explain whether the estate is a community property estate or an appropriate distribution estate, which can make a drastic difference in the distribution of marital property.

As an attorney, I work hard to make this process less traumatic. I provide objective advice to my clients on how the process may affect their future, and I can also serve as an intermediary between spouses if they wish to avoid personal contact to facilitate the process.

What Services Do Family Law Firms Provide?

Family law deals with various domestic disputes covering marriage, divorce, child care, adoption, marital rights, property issues, domestic partnerships and any family matter.

How can I help you as a family lawyer?

Divorce Uncontested

When both spouses agree to divorce, the process is much easier. Even so, it is advisable to have a lawyer handle the process.

Domestic Violence

Is a fundamental matter in which a lawyer can also help if you need protection for yourself or your children.


Receive advice about the properties owned by the couple. A marital agreement might provide a different context if properties were acquired before or after the nuptials.

Marriage Contracts and Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

The best cure is prevention. A marital agreement, either prenuptial or postnuptial, can prevent many misunderstandings in the couple in the event of divorce. Avoid difficult breakups with a prenuptial agreement.

Foreign Divorce Legal Opinion Letters

Only a few lawyers are qualified to issue Foreign Divorce Legal Opinion letters. I provide that service, which is necessary to prove that you have been divorced in a foreign country (or Canada, after being married in another country).

Financial Statements and Spousal Support

Refers to the obligation of a person to provide financial support to their spouse after separation or divorce. This support is given when one spouse is financially dependent on the other or has custody of the children.

Independent Legal Advice

Before signing any legal agreement regarding marriage or family, it is recommended for the signatory to seek independent legal advice. A marital agreement affects the signatories in the event of divorce, so they should consider what the best deal is.

Filing and Defending Motions

If there are significant problems with the divorce and you need a temporary restraining order or protective order, you will need a specialized attorney. I provide that service if you consider yourself in danger because of the divorce.

Cohabitation Agreements

May seem unromantic, but they will prevent many relationship problems. Agreeing on the rules of cohabitation is much safer when done in front of a lawyer. With this agreement, the partners can decide how to act in case of any personal or financial problems.

Child Custody and Support

Child custody is a serious concern after divorce, and as a family lawyer, I can bring facts to the table to reach a final decision. This process also takes place if there is an adopted child.