Immigration lawyer

Our Immigration lawyer Mississauga deals with a wide range of matters like processing of visas, benefits of immigration, green card and permanent citizenship in the country. Immigration laws and eligibility can get complex and to seek professional help from a legal source will be always beneficial. It is always advisable not to take chances and not to submit a wrong application. The advice and help of a professional will always be a plus for you for precise documentation and not to skip anything. For further detailed information, you can schedule an appointment with us.

Immigration lawyer Mississauga

Duration of the Process

One of the very common questions which our clients ask is the duration of the process. How long will it take? The duration and the time totally depend on case to case sometimes it might take months and sometimes it might take days. Our Immigration lawyer Mississauga can be very important and crucial for your case as they can save you from unnecessary expenses and stress. Our services will help you to have a smooth and easy process.

Eligibility for the Green Card

A very important task our Immigration lawyer Mississauga will do is to analyze whether you are eligible for the green card along with the benefits or not. In all our past cases we have tried to keep our transparency with our client. In case our client is not eligible to provide certain requirements we make it clear to them and offer an alternative solution.

There are different kinds of conditions where a country will provide you with a green card. These processes can really get complex if you don’t have the assistance of a professional. Contact us now and let us proceed with your case.

 Asylum Seeker

Every country has different rules and regulations for asylum seekers as well. Political instability or if your life is threatened in your country are the most common reasons for any asylum seeker. We can help through your case and can provide you the legal path to achieve success in your case. Asylum seeker’s case is totally different from the refugee or immigration case scenarios. No matters what category our client is in we are your right professional and legal support.

Worst Case Scenarios – deportation   

There are cases where people are contacted by the authorities to leave the country due to some reason. The best thing to do in this situation is to contact your immigration lawyer and seek assistance and help how to avoid the deportation. Having the knowledge, experience and the expertise our team can guide you through what steps to take in this critical situation.

Other Issues- Employment

There might be a case where an employer is not willing to provide certain things as being an immigrant. To contact a legal immigration lawyer and to ask the guidance in your situation will be the best possible solution.

As long as our clients are open and honest with our requirements and in communication we can help them through the process to complete successfully. For further detailed information please contact us.

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